SEL: Social Emotional Learning



Hello Colleagues and Cohorts!

We had an empowering experience at Learn 2 Learn this summer. As a result of collaboration and conversation, we have formed a team focused on creating life-long mental wellness for our students, faculty and staff. We are looking forward to leading and sharing a multitude of brief activities throughout the year that you can experience with your advisory, homeroom, family and friends.

Many of these 10-minute suggestions come from the Greater Good Science Center at Cal-Berkeley. Sophie Speidel attended a week-long GGSC Summer Institute for Educators that focused on Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and came back with an entire curriculum to share with us. Each week we will share an idea or activity that is grounded in research and backed by science. We hope you will find these resources helpful as we encourage our students and colleagues to explore ways to live healthier and more fulfilling lives. Please feel free to access these activities thru our SEL Resources page here.


SEL Team

Sophie Speidel — School Counselor, 9th/10th Life Skills, JV Girls Lacrosse

Robin Albertson-Wren — Preschool Teacher, Mindfulness Instructor, 7th/8th Grade Life Skills

Emily Mathews — 3rd Grade Teacher, Girls on the Run Coach

Lizzie Leitch — Athletic Trainer

David Jones — 5th Grade Science, 5th Grade Life Skills, Dorm Faculty

Sydney Wicks — LV Learning Specialist, 7th/8th Cross Country, 2010 Alumna

Alexa Chumpitaz — Penn Fellow, WW French/Spanish, 7th/8th Volleyball, Dorm Faculty