Atlas Rubicon Leadership Institute

Wow! I learned so much and felt so inspired and supported by the educators with whom I spent the last 3 days at a small, public middle school in Nanuet, NY. Our common goal was to learn how to facilitate an intentional process around curriculum review and innovation and how best to document our teaching and learning. The presenters from Atlas Rubicon were delightful. Energetic, patient, responsive and knowledgeable, they provided the right level of healthy push and pull. They listened to my ideas and gave constructive feedback that moved my thinking about curriculum mapping to a new level. I particularly appreciated the way they paced and balanced the content delivery, collaboration and individual time to process and work.

Major takeaways for me:
1. It is my responsibility to articulate the WHY behind curriculum mapping and provide a clear process and timeline for curriculum review.
2. I need to carve out time for teachers to engage in reflection and revision with a targeted purpose.
3. I need to provide clear expectations.
4. I need to clarify the audience for our maps.

As I sit in the LaGuardia airport hoping that my plane departs on time, I am drafting the St. Anne’s-Belfield WHY statement. Here’s a sneak peek:
Our goal in undertaking curriculum mapping is to articulate a cohesive and mission-based curriculum from pre-school to twelfth grade. By formalizing our scope and sequence through mapping we will improve collaboration among faculty and provide an additional tool to assess and strengthen our academic program. Ultimately, mapping helps us ensure that students will have a deliberate and consistent academic experience.

I look forward to working with you on curriculum mapping 2.0!

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