“A Developmental Approach to Effective Feedback”

September 28-29, 2017

Teachers College, Columbia University

Wow! Ellie Drago-Severson is amazing! Spending two days learning about the complexity of adult learning and providing effective feedback to adults with Lisa Keeler was spectacular. As I reflect on the value of the opportunity, I am struck by two things. First, I came to realize how essential the structure of a PD workshop is on its effectiveness. The instructors practiced deep caring for the participants through the provision of good food, interaction, withitness (reading the audience), storytelling, creativity and time for reflection. It was a good reminder for me as someone who plans learning days for our STAB faculty. My second major takeaway, which I am still thinking about, is the idea that adult learners all have what Ellie calls different “ways of knowing.” Her research on the Constructive-Developmental Theory elucidated for me the critical importance of a feedback giver’s understanding of another adult in order for feedback to be effective and empowering.  I also appreciate the new language I learned for use before, during and after a feedback session. Look at the Picasso piece below. Can you tell who is giving and who is receiving? This was a powerful image for me as it related to feedback. I am grateful for the opportunity to participate and encourage others to attend.


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