While Lisa, Marie, Beth and I were meeting this summer to discuss how we might continue to foster a culture of sharing and reflection among the faulty, we decided to craft a blog dedicated to sharing resources, best practices and highlighting the exceptional work going on in our school. We hope that this blog will serve as an online hub for every teacher at our school from those who teach our littlest ones at the preschool to those who are focused on the seniors. Ultimately, we also hope that together we will create a resource that will benefit those beyond our school. We invite you all to think of this as your space and we encourage you to write a post, email resources, and check the blog regularly to stay in tune with what is going on both within our school community and in the broader educational landscape. Please feel get in touch with your DFD or Beth if you have a resource you want to share, a post you’d like to publish, or a suggestion as to how to make this blog more useful. Have a wonderful school year!

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